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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chakra Focaccia!

Try to say that 10 times fast!  Ha!  Well today was a busy day and had no time to sit down and make something, however we did get to go to a gem of a place in Central Phoenix.  It's a bit if a ride for us, but OoOOoOoo is it worth it.  Not only do they sell every herb and tincture you can imagine, they also prepare fresh, 100% organic vegan dishes that are A  MAZE  ING.  Not to mention they have this stellar Chai, that is is their own blend of spicy deliciousness.

After I gathered all my herbs, we sat down to this!  How YOU  doin!?  A spinach pesto was generously spread on a very light, crispy focaccia bread with Greek olives, dill, roasted pepper and onions.  it came with a tasty side salad  that had tiny slivers of celery, grape tomatoes, onion, dill and yellow peppers.  Loved, loved, loved this dish.  Tommy's was just as delightful.  He had a curried monster burrito with beans, sweet potatoes, muchi curry and avocado.  Super tasty.  We would have done dishes for seconds.  And then scrubbed the toilets for thirds.  No.  Seriously.

We then ventured to a new produce place where we stocked up on alllllll the stuff we are going to need to make our next recipes.  We were quite happy with their fresh looking organic selection! 

Now off to dream about what we'll make for tomorrow!

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  1. Looks like a pretty huge produce market. Nice!


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