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Sunday, January 15, 2012

So we got a Ninja...

I know you are thinking maybe we got ourselves our own Jackie Chan, but no.  Since the Vitamixes cost as much as it would to get a new laptop, we opted to try the Ninja.  And boy are we happy!!

First off, we got a killer deal.  It took me 2 hours to research, but in the end we paid about $75 for it.  I purchased it from Kohl's, who at the time was running a sale $179.99 for the 1200 watt Ninja.  I also had a 20% off coupon.  Additionally, they were running a $15 Kohl's cash back for every $50 spent (I added on a nerf toy for our friend's kid to get back to $150).  I then ordered online through - which was giving 6% back on all purchases on Kohl's.  And then lastly, in the paper that week there was a $20 rebate coupon in the coupon section.  When it was all finished (and you subtract all the money and coupons) we paid right around $75.  SWEET!

Performance-wise, this machine is a breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze.  It came with 2 different sized pitchers, which was great when only one of us was making a smoothie.  Our smoothie test consisted of fresh picked spinach, banana, frozen mango and strawberries and fresh blueberries.  A little water and almond milk too.  (Oh and a some of my herbal potions we droppered in).  I was surprised at how well it blended everything.  I was worried about the spinach coming out leafy in the drink, but it ended up being a super thick creamy green smoothie with ZERO chunks of anything!  So, that's hat we got it for, and it did it.  And I saved $325.  Shazaam!