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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

HELL NO, WE WON'T GMO! Whole Foods Deception


Whole Foods, a place where probably many of us shop has (very quietly) admitted in a press release (found on their website) that they sell organic GMO food that IS NOT LABELED.  I find this appalling.  Like many people, I go into Whole Foods thinking, I am buying WHOLE FOOD since they advertise "100% real ingredients" and "Nothing Artificial Ever".  100% real ingredients and GMO are, in my opinion, COMPLETE opposites and not synonymous what-so-ever!

GMO - Genetically Modified Organisms, in a nutshell, is where scientists go in and genetically alter the chemistry of a fruit or veggie.  Thus, the final product is not the truest form of itself anymore.  After testing these altered products on mice etc. (which is a whole other crappy subject), the mice and rats became very sick with tumors and various forms of cancer.

Now, places we trust, like Whole Foods, is sticking GMO products onto their shelves without telling us.  Many items are NOT labeled at ALL.  This country is already riddled with disease, and now there is a pathway for those of us who want to stay healthy to get sick or sicker. - has a FABULOUS documentary on this subject, where they travel to Whole Foods and ask the customers if they know what Whole Foods is doing.  It also goes into depth about the press release and how our Food Czar of this country supports GMO products and confronts Whole Foods themselves, who then tries to dance around the situation.  Please take 20 minutes to watch this video to get educated.

This is scary stuff people.  I am not one to preach, but PLEASE share my blog and help get the word out to your friends and family!  DO NOT eat GMO foods!  Educate yourself and find out what you are eating!



  1. They should really label that sort of stuff, obvs. they know they've been lying about it which is sad!

  2. I am so disappointed in Whole Foods. First they held the butcher contest (just disgusting) and now this. I’m re-thinking my commitment to Whole Foods. I’m starting to look into alternative options for the things I usually buy at Whole Foods, like maybe a local food co-op. Thanks for this post!

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