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Friday, August 31, 2012



Aloe is beyond amazing for you. It does so much.  It is super powerful with super powers!  I have 2 oz. of aloe every morning when I wake up before I eat or drink anything and I feel great all day.  Aloe is also SUPER alkaline so it's great to take daily to get back on track.  I also use it on my face daily, and my zit problem has drastically reduced (also from my juicing and smoothies).  You can also find whole big leaves and blend them up in a drink!  Aloe should be a daily staple in your lifestyle. \

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We Fell Down the "Got Busy" Hole.

Annnnnnd we're terrible.  We have had so much going on from family emergency health issues, to my personal business booming and Tommy's music getting very popular, that this fell down the list!  Fortunately, we have stuck to our diet all through this and found some even better recipes, smarter ways of living and exercising and even some great mentors.  We will happily begin sharing this all again soon as we slowly but surely begin to build a website as well.  Oh and my green smoothie this morning was awesome!