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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Have No Time, So I'll Just Make Salad.

GAH!  Lately I have been so busy, picked up 2 side jobs and been planning for vacation.  I wanted to spend more time putting up more recipes, but by the time I finished work, side projects and other things, I wanted to hit the sack.  I DID however, manage to squeeze in healthy meals.  And for those of you who live like I do, with only brief moments to actually take a breath, this is for you!

Healthy Speedy Salad:
Organic Spring Mix, Spinach and Kale
Sweet Onions
Dried Cranberry
Sunflower Seeds
Organic Barlett pears
Bean Sprouts
Ground Flaxseed
Chick Peas
Red Bell Pepper
Red Kidney Beans

This mix was absolutely fantastic.  It didn't need dressing with the mixture of flavors (especially the pears and cranberry making it sweet), but I did add a bit of balsamic vinegar to it.  I also put a little garlic powder on top which gave it one more nudge.

I cut up enough stuff the first time around to be able to make 3 more of these salads for 2 of us, which reeeeeeeeeeeeally saved me some time.  I felt really great after I ate it too!  Helps to have more energy on such a busy schedule!

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