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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


OK, ok.  So we know not every body  has time or there's this or there's that.  But I can assure if you can get out just ONCE you'll be hooked.

We geared up at 7am, loading water, bananas and raw Spirulina bars in our backpack.  Of which I would like to mention, we got Columbia's backpack of the year (2 of them) at the Columbia Outlet for $30 a piece.  SUPER DEAL.  They are lightweight, bright colored, compactable tons of pockets and compartments - that all make sense with outdoor activity.  Even a handy water bottle holder at hands reach and a pocket inside to put a water bladder with hose.  Awesome.  But anyways...

Breakfast consisted of our veggie juice, mangos, cashews and bananas.  Oh and of course lots of water!

We Promote Hiking!

We hiked 2 miles near Phoenix, AZ on a pretty easy to moderate trail of hills and paths.  The fresh air was incredible and it was nice to have a good sweat.  MAKE TIME TO TRY AND HIKE!  Seriously folks.  There are tons of benefits of a good hike not to mention getting some sun and oxygen through your system.  We felt amazing after this hike and it only took us and hour and a half (with some water and picture breaks).  You will feel so good afterwards, it will inspire you to get up early and do it again the next week!

We even found friends of our on the trail that read our blog! How awesome is that!

Make sure when you finish, you drink lots of water to replenish (duh) and we really like to drink a big can of coconut water.  Yes, 100% pure coconut water!  It's great for you and you feel better than when you drink a Gatorade - waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less sugar and is naturally isotonic and PH Balanced.

We want to hear about your hike!  Email us or comment below!

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